Startup Cheese

There are many entrepreneurs that I follow on Twitter who constantly tweet about how much fun they’re having at their startup, or how great their team is, or how late they stay up working on their company, or how many great things are in the pipeline, etc.  Frankly, it’s mildly annoying.  All of these sentiments SHOULD exist in your startup and thus it isn’t necessary to tell the world about it on a daily basis.  I’m a big proponent of preserving a startup culture as much as possible, but that can be achieved without broadcasting so much cheese.  You don’t see the likes of Andrew Mason, David Karp or Dennis Crowley constantly throwing out the startup cheese, and I doubt people like Jeff Bezos or Sergey Brin would have done it back in the day had Twitter existed then.  While I think it’s imperative to show excitement and passion for what you’re building, and thus tweet about it from time to time, it gets a bit annoying when you tweet about it regularly.  Stop talking and just build it.  🙂


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