Keeping Perspective

My name is Andres Moran and I have finally chosen to start a blog after much resistance.  I made fun of bloggers years ago for thinking that anybody actually cared about what they had to say.  Now that I spend most of my time on the web reading blogs and valuing the information they contain, I figured I would jump on the bandwagon.  It is my hope that I can impart a fresh perspective to a few readers out there.

The tech world is something easy to get overwhelmed with.  With new applications and services being launched daily, the learning curve is steep and long.  People take great pride in knowing what the latest release is, and obsess over how many followers they have on Twitter.  I admit to falling victim to the fomer, but not the latter.

I have not built an internet company.  I am not considered a person of influence in the NY tech community.  I do not know how to write code and I certainly don’t speak that language.  At the moment I only have 43 followers on Twitter.  I’m sure no more than 5 people will read this blog in the next month or so.  But none of this matters!  What does matter is that I come home to an amazing girl who I can’t wait to marry.  I have a family that always loves and supports me.  My friends would do anything for me.  I have friends all over the world that I have met in different stages of my life.  I have visited distant countries people have only seen in movies.  And I have my health and positive spirit.

This is what Keeping Perspective is all about:  a thoughtful discussion of business and the internet, all with the undertone that there are more important things in life.  Hence all posts should be taken with some thread of levity.  Yes I am infatuated by business and I love the startup mentality.  Yes I obsess over new business models and strategies for making huge profits.  Yes I try to learn as much as I can about new technologies.  However, I try to keep it all in perspective of the bigger picture of life, because none of those things will pick me up when I’m in a funk.  They won’t laugh with me and give me the joy that comes from genuine relationships.

Come keep perspective with me.


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